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484 Richmond St, London, ON N6A 3E6

Andrew Douglas

Meet our Tenant of the Month, Robin Procunier, Owner of Andrew Douglas Clothier celebrating 20 years of business this month, located at 620 Richmond Street.

“They say that starting your own business is like adding a new baby to your family, with all the planning, the constant fretting, that terrifying first day and the many sleepless nights that go with it.

“But the business grows and soon there’s time for laughter, adventure, reflection, satisfaction, and the many ‘firsts’ that will come your way. It is all very fulfilling and we are proud to say our store is now 20 years old.”

Andrew Douglas Clothier is located in the heart of Richmond Row, at 620 Richmond Street. It is truly a unique boutique for men, the ultimate mens wear store, with our fashions sourced for the best combination of style, quality and value and offering as many Canadian-made products as possible.

Several times every year we travel to the factories and showrooms of our Canadian suppliers, including Jack Victor, Coppley, Ridolfi, Jez Leather and Dion, just to mention a few. To see how these outstanding products are so carefully constructed is a fascinating experience.

Our clothing lines are individually unique, offering sophistication and practicality with European flair and styling hints from England, Italy, Belgium, and Wales, among other locations.

Our policy of attentive personal service and fair and honest pricing has allowed us to build a very loyal customer base, and we are constantly attracting new clients because of our Richmond Row location.

Twenty years in one location has been very rewarding but we are excited to look ahead to the spring of 2018 when Andrew Douglas Clothier will be reinvigorating itself with new rebranding and new interiors.

Our Master Tailor Pasqualle Pompelli has been with us for 20 years but the relationship is over 40 years old, dating back to the old landmark Hudson’s department store. His expertise and knowledge are an invaluable resource for our customers, and he is a true artist in textiles while retaining the understated elegance many of our customers prefer.

Shmuel Farhi has been a landlord, friend and mentor for many years and we know our relationship will continue to grow as Andrew Douglas Clothier looks forward to a very exciting 2018 and beyond.

– Robin Procunier