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484 Richmond St, London, ON N6A 3E6
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Winter Shelters for the Homeless

Farhi Holdings partnered with WISH to create winter shelters for the homeless and vulnerable population in London, facilitating the usage of over 38,000 sq. ft. next to the Family Shelters of London. Photo via Global News

Basket Brigade making the holidays better for 150 families

Source: CTV London

Supporting the Children’s Museum of London

Dear Mr. Farhi,

We are so grateful. Thank you for your commitment of $750,000 over five years to the London Children’s Museum. Your contributions will ensure we can continue to provide extraordinary play-based learning to children for years to come.

Your generous support will help maintain a safe and welcoming space for families where they can play, learn, and heal from the effects of the pandemic. Play is essential. It reduces stress and anxiety, promotes empathy and inclusion, and encourages positive physical and mental health. Thank you for giving children the wonderful gift of play.

Donating Hotel Rooms in Windsor for Frontline Staff

Bethany’s Hope Foundation

Good evening Mr. Farhi,

What a great way to end our week!!! We were thrilled last night when Ryan called us at an event advising us that he had reached out to you on our behalf earlier in the day and that you were considering the Sponsorship Packages for “The Party” !! Thank-you… very, very much…!!

My wife Lindey, Chair Gauss and I as well as the members of Bethany’s Hope Foundation thank-you for your very, very generous investment as a Presenting Sponsor at “The Party” Charity Dinner in support of Bethany’s Cure Capital/Family Support Campaign. It is hard to believe over two years have passed since our last Dinner with Chef Michael Smith… It has been a very tough year to say the least… for so many people for so many reasons…but for us, with the continued support from other families, some corporate sponsorship and folks like you were able to keep the “lights on” and maintain the operation at “Bethany’s Hope Leukodystrophy Research Laboratory” at Children’s Hospital.

I can assure you that your very generous donation will go directly to support the ongoing Research and the much anticipated future Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD) – Clinical Trial under the direction of Dr. Tony Rupar of Western University. If you have any questions regarding the evening or Programming please do not hesitate to contact her at 519 495-7281. We are all so very grateful to have you and Farhi Holdings Corporation to support our Foundation and the fight to end this nightmare for the children of MLD!!

We look forward to the opportunity of meeting you all in October at The Hunt Club in hopes that one day we can gather together again to celebrate the end of Leukodystrophy!!

Safe travels!!

– David McIntyre, Board member of Bethany’s Hope Foundation

Sinai Health Foundation – Spin for Sinai


Thank you so much for your wonderful support!

We are so grateful for your commitment. Such amazing leadership in support of Spin for Sinai!

Best wishes,


Louis de Melo
Chief Executive Officer, Sinai Health Foundation
and Executive Vice President, Academic Advancement, Sinai Health

COVID-19 Initiatives

The pandemic has turned our beloved City of London, our country, and our world upside down.

It has left millions unemployed, tens of thousands of businesses have or about to close their doors, and tens of thousands more are homeless today.

During this time, we at Farhi Holdings have taken it upon ourselves to help reinforce our communities wherever possible. We have donated millions of dollars towards initiatives aiding our front-line workers, our most vulnerable, worthy organizations within our communities and millions more helping our own long-standing tenant base get through this unprecedented hit to our economy.

Big Space for Big Bike Giveaway

Shmuel, we could never thank you enough for extending such a wonderful gift to our charity program. We are so very happy to have met you and be considered to be part of your family circle. You are an extremely kind and giving person, with a heart of gold and a soul more beautiful than any we have met! We look forward to traveling on your journey with you!

❤️ Monica + Shayne

Monica and Shayne, founders of Big Bike Giveaway

Big Bike Giveaway – Milestone!

Hi Shmuel,

With Big Bike Giveaway coming to a close for 2022, we wanted to send you our deepest gratitude for once again, showing up and supporting our free program by providing us with a space to hold our charitable bicycles.

In 2022 we were able to reach our goals of giving away over 600 free bikes to Londoners in need, and reuse over 10,000 pounds of metal, rubber and wire. Through proper recycling at the Depots, were also able to divert over 14,000 pounds of material from our landfills.

We’re happy to announce that, with the help of your sponsorship, Big Bike Giveaway was able to store and repair the over 650 bicycles that we collected through community donations at the Enviro Depots this year.

Big Bike Giveaway experienced a $5,000 drop in sponsorships this year which made the management of our social enterprise that much more difficult. However, we were forced to discover new ways to obtain our goals. Through the trading of bicycles for parts, to the increase in volunteers, we were lucky to have great community partners help us strip more bikes and reuse more materials.
We still have a few giveaways left this year and that includes helping London Cycle Link’s Ride to Thrive TVDSB program, N’Amerind Friendship Centre rural gifts, My Sister’s Place women’s rides and Salvation Army’s Hamper program.

In summary, Big Bike Giveaway can now proudly share that since our inception in 2014, BBG has given away over 3,200 bikes to the community & reused over 4,579 donated bikes from the City of London Enviro Depots & unsaleable bikes from Walmart. BBG has also reused 228,729 pounds of metal, rubber & wire and diverted over 218,201 pounds of materials from our landfills through proper recycling!

We look forward to commencing our event planning for our 10th anniversary in 2023. We are speaking with Cleveland Brownlee to assist us in partnering with the London Majors to host the event at Labatt Park. We hope to have you and your family to be a part of our diamond anniversary! If you have any unique ideas on how we can celebrate, let us know.

Thank you for all you do for our program. Your support is irreplaceable!

Monica and Shayne, founders of Big Bike Giveaway

St Joseph’s Health Care Foundation

Dear Shmuel – Because of your contribution to our St. Joseph’s Crisis Fund through MP Fragiskatos’ initiative last year, I wanted to send you an update on what your contributions have helped to fund. Thank you so much, Shmuel!

Michelle, St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation

Restoring the Banting Flame

Hully Gully’s Fall Colour Ride

Read more via CTV News London

Giving Back Throughout the Years

We have contributed over $30 million toward philanthropic initiatives over the past 35 years to make a positive impact by helping at-risk youth and support sustainable communities.


Helping At-Risk Youth

At FHC, we believe that every child, regardless of circumstance, deserves to have the opportunity to be a kid. That’s why we work to ensure that at-risk youth have an opportunity to participate in organized sports and community activities that teach them essential life lessons about teamwork and healthy relationships.

FHC is a proud multi-million dollar sponsor of youth athletics programs including the Junior London Knights, the YMCA, and local soccer, hockey, and swim teams – keeping kids active and helping them become team players within their community.


Supporting Sustainable Communities

In our efforts to support sustainable communities in Southwestern Ontario, FHC has been pleased to generously sponsor the following community organizations:

  • The Ivey Heart Institute
  • London Health Sciences Centre
  • Atlosha Native Family Healing Centre
  • The Salvation Army
  • Youth Opportunities Unlimited
  • YMCA (London)
  • The London Children’s Museum
  • The Banting House
  • The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County
  • Pollinative
  • SickKids Foundation
  • Community Outreach
  • Pathways for Children and Youth (Kingston)
  • Arts and Culture (London and Toronto)
  • … and many others!


Sharing Our Success

Farhi Holdings Corporations believes in sharing our success.  We understand the value of social responsibility and strive every day to improve the communities in which we operate.

FHC is actively involved in many philanthropic endeavors, with a focus on assisting our diverse not-for-profit tenant base.  Some work with vulnerable populations, while others are leaders in the cultural sector.

Our annual support for these not-for-profits is now close to $1 million.

In addition, company president Shmuel Farhi is pleased to offer business advice and his personal encouragement to numerous worthwhile causes.

Heart to Heart Dollar for Dollar

In 2006, Shmuel Farhi spearheaded “Heart to Heart, Dollar for Dollar” – a community fundraising campaign that raised more than $5 million for the Ivey Heart Institute at the London Health Sciences Centre.

In 2007, he answered a call for help from Youth Opportunities Unlimited – an organization which provides safe housing, life skills training and jobs for at-risk urban youth.

Farhi donated $1 million towards the purchase of YOU’s new headquarters in downtown London, which now provides a home base for the organization’s many programs and secure housing for their young clients.

Atlosah Native Family Healing Centre

In 2010, Farhi donated a downtown heritage property to Atlosha Native Family Healing Centre at a cost of $1.3 million. The centre gives First Nations people access to training programs, computers, employment and literacy resources, an elders and youth meeting room, a catering service and community store, in addition to 16 units rented out as affordable housing to men, women and families at risk.

The hundreds of people who come to the Atlohsa Native Family Healing Centre to chat with friends, get a warm meal or to look something up on the Internet, do so through a back door.

Commitment to Downtown Revitalization

FHC believes that downtown is the heart of every community, and that a vibrant downtown is essential for a city’s economic, cultural, and social well-being.

In November 2011, we sold our property at 137 Dundas Street to Fanshawe College, facilitating the first phase of their new downtown campus.

Fanshawe’s Centre for Digital and Performance Arts opened in January 2014, bringing more than 400 students to the heart of downtown London.

A PARTNER FOR THE ARTS – In early 2013, Farhi Holdings Corporation was delighted to support Artfusion in their creation of The Stephen Watson Memorial Mural, which transformed the exterior wall of 197 Dundas Street into London’s largest mural.

Farhi Family Pool for the YMCA

FHC was proud to donate over $500,000 to the YMCA.

Help Save the Bees – Pollinative Pathways

Donation to Windsor Hospice

Farhi Holdings are proud sponsors of the Windsor Champion portion of the Mackenzie Tour with PGA Canada.

At the kick-off event we presented the Windsor Hospice a gift of $33,900 to continue their incredible work within the Windsor community.

Donation to St THomas